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The Ultimate Unwind

After a long day of doing what feels like everything under the sun, I have a few things that I do that help me unwind and shake the day off. This is a pretty set list that I swear by…

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Musings Of A First Time Mom

Stepping into the role of a new mom is everything! It’s  exciting and exhilarating but mostly it’s extremely exhausting! Before my little baby boy entered my life, I remember being giddy with anticipation for when he arrived, but I didn’t…

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Jewelry Care: The Noho Way

Our customers have described their feelings to us: that feeling when they receive their jewelry- they feel so happy and proud to own that beautiful piece and cannot wait to style it. One of the important things that people often…

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The NOHO Holiday Gift Guide

It’s no surprise that the holidays look a little different this year, with the pandemic hitting and big gatherings being shut down. But that doesn’t mean holiday gifting needs to come to an end- in fact all the more reason…

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How To Style Minimal Hoops

A Style for Every Occasion I have a pair of minimal hoops in my drawer that I am obsessed with! They’re my no-fuss, go-with-everything option that my hand just gravitates towards no matter the occasion. It’s not hard to guess…

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